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Armor of God wolf by Xenothere Armor of God wolf by Xenothere
The idea came to me the other day when reading about the 'Armor of God' (Ephesians 6:10-18). It is basically a visualization of what believers need to equip themselves with in the (spiritual) battles of life.

And the artwork of derSheltie [link] also was a big inspiration too.

The armor are as follows:
Belt of Truth = holds all the armor in place. It helps keep your defenses up, carries your weapon, and of course, protects you from embarrassing situations.
Breastplate of Righteousness = protects your heart (literally). Lack of integrity leads to vulnerability. Also, breastplates require attention and need to be repaired.
Shoes (or gauntlets in this case) of readiness = (kanji reads ' preparedness ' ) = keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground and allows you to be prepared for 'unexpected' low attacks.
Helmet of Salvation = basically, if you don't have this, you might as well not be fighting ... cause your dead.
Shield of Faith = shields are a mobile form of protection. Faith is supposed to help protect you from discouragement and temptation.
Sword of the Spirit = the Bible. Its the only offensive part of the armor mentioned (again, offensive in spiritual warfare). Understanding scripture is very important because Satan also knows how to use scripture to his advantage (Matt 4:1-11). And, like a real sword, when used improperly and carelessly, ie taken out of context, can hurt the other people and yourself.


Some of you may be wondering, (those of you who aren't fans of wolves out there) "Why a wolf Xenothere?" Yeah, I know, dA is overrun with them and such. But I really don't have a good explanation for me wanting to use a wolf ( and TBH, an armored lamb would probably make much more sense). Would "because I like them" be a good enough excuse?. That, and I just am not a huge fan of drawing humans.

2nd, you may be wondering, why use samurai's armor (yoroi)? I actually have a pretty good reason for this:

Originally, I was going to make it some sort of mix of general plated armor and modern day K-9 body armor. In these verses, the enemies weapons are described as fiery arrows or darts. The yoroi, more so than European plated armor, was designed to defend against archers' arrows (they, after all, had the Mongols to contend with). European armor was designed more for protection from blunt force trauma.

Those panels on his shoulders (Osode) were used in a similar manner to shields, which is convenient for me to, since I couldn't figure out how our little quadruped friend could wield both a shield and a weapon. Being the stickler for accuracy that I am, I placed the sword where I did so that he could draw his sword without completely taking his eyes off of whoever is directly in front of him.

Better yet, I actually found an image of real 'samurai dog' armor [link] , upon which I loosely based his armor on. It probably was never actually worn by the dog they made it for (lucky dog), but all the material is authentic, dating back to the Edo period.

I also tried to include the Kanji of the virtue each piece of armor represents, but most of it is too small for you to see :(

I had originally started on the line art for one, but didn't complete it because, while it was a realistic movement, I didn't like the single plane view. You can see it in scraps [link] .

Art (c) me
Kanji from various sources.

I have to do one of these every now and then to remind ya'll of who I am.
Kairu-Hakubi Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fuck yeah armorwolf!!! That's so great. And it's my favorite bit of biblical metaphor-armor too :D
(my favorite literal armor would have to be what Goliath was wearing)
Moongara Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009
Great piece. I particularly like the headpiece. Would be interesting to try and make but I doubt the dog in my life would sit still for measuring.
meowsap Featured By Owner May 29, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice. :) And definitely unique to the concept of the "armor of God" - because most people choose a human subject for that. :D Nice work!
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